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Modern Architecture

When we talked about Architecture, we talk about designing an empty space into something that has a meaning. Just like Sean Lally talked about in The Air From Other Plantes, that Architecture is much more than the building of an object on a site: it is a reinvention of the site itself.

The beginning of Architecture could be said since the Neolithic period, around 10.000 BC. That time is the time when Humans stopped living in caves and started handling the way they live in Something they built, this called the House. The house they want, they feel and look like.

But we are here today not to talked about the history of Architecture, but about the Modern of Architecture. The moderinist Architecture.

So, what is basically the moderinist Architecture? Simple. It is an architectural style based upon a new and innovative technique using the technology of construction. When we talked about the making of moderinist Architecture then we talked about how Something can be made using glass, steel, and reinforced concrete.

The modern Architecture is not just about the technology itself, but also the design. Modern architecs worked to invent the ways of how building can be made using the focus more to the how Humans lived alongside the thoughfulness of Beautiful. This beautiful usually involves a sharp, clean lines lacking ornament, Emphasis on low-horizontal massing with horizontal planes and broad roof overhangs, then the generousity of using the glass to allow natural light into open, flowing floorplans.

We all agree that Architecture is like Art, iconic when it breaks from the current mode and challenges viewers and inhabitants to approach living with a new consciousness. Then it is emerge to the Houses, the common phrase of My House is My Heaven becoming real with the way of modernist Architecture.

The design, the cutline of moderinst houses introduced a new way to live with open floor plans and clean, modular designs free of unnecessary ornament. Just like the normal characteristic of the modern Architecture.

One of the most famous moderinst house is the Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, USA. The house that located directly above the waterfall is now designated as historic landmarks and of course attract visitors from around the world.

Of course, we need to thanked the today’s advanced technology, because without it many modernist homes will suffer from leaky roofs at best and structural instability at the worst.


There are many style of how modern Architecture can be made. But when we looked into almost of all modernist Architecture they have sort of common characteristic, such as:

  • Clean, minimal lines. As we already mentioned above, these lines lack additional ornamentation and are generally consistent having smooth texture.
  • Broad roof overhangs. Not all, but several modern modernist house emphasize low, horizontal structures with large roof overhangs.
  • Walls of glass and large windows. It is just like a must for every moderinst house design. You will find a very generous use of glass. This allows a significant amount of natural light into the interior in the day.
  • Open and well-defined floorplans. Since modern architecture focuses on form over function, architects sought to include large, spacious floorplans with dining and living spaces that flowed into one another.
  • Modern and traditional building materials. Some common materials in modern homes include steel, concrete block, iron, and glass. More conventional building materials like wood, brick, and stone were used in more straightforward ways to show off their natural beauty.
  • A relationship to the outside environment. A lot of thought when into building sites and how buildings would relate to the natural landscape surrounding it.
  • Asymmetrical designs. Modern architects played around with large, smooth shapes and asymmetrical compositions that were cleanly planed and lacked any additional decoration.

Common Facts:

  1. People will hard to differ the differences between modern architecture and contempory architecture. Some people, will just think taht modern and contemporary architecture are the same thing. But in fact, modern architecture was inspired by an art movement known as modernism and lasted until around 1960. Contemporary architecture incorporates architecture past the 1960s and leading up to today. In short, contemporary architecture is reflective of styles in this current moment, which happen to be very diverse.
  2. Modern house feeled too cold for everyday living. Modern homes were revolutionary in that they embraced the concept of free-flowing space. The ideology also rejected clutter and excess belongings. However, as the design period went on, many architects challenged this strict notion of space and lack of stuff as cold and impersonal. Eventually, modern principles became too cold for everyday living due to an excess of space and the stark nature of the building materials.

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