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Living in the House or Apartment? Which Side Are You?

There are big differences between living in the House and Apartment. Especially when you’re living in a populated country like America, or it can be also Indonesia. Here (in Indonesia), living in the Apartment is still the second choice, because the price is not so affordable (for common people), and the “negative-aura” from living in the Apartment still high. But if you’re looking from the other side. Renting an Apartment is just like a big step that can impact your finances and your lifestyle.

The debate over Apartment vs House living is still a long-standing one, with more and more people opinion based on their experience bumbling on. Of course, the first thing you need to do before deciding where to live, it’s the best to weigh out the pros and cons. Once you do that, you just might discover the overwhelming pros that the two style of living can offer.

To help you sort through the options, let’s look at this comparison of living in the House and Apartment:


The maintenance of the House is relatively high, especially when you’re the homeowner. The day will eventually come when you have to make a substantial investment to repair. But if you’re looking into the bright-side. You’re the owner, you can do anything to your house and replace anything.   If you are a renter, you’re not responsible for maintenance and repair of items that breakdown or wear out. But still, if you’re living in the snowy country (like in Europe or other places; surely not Indonesia) you still need to take care of the snow that accumulate making a mountain on the roof.Living in Apartment is easier to maintenance. Because you don’t need to shoveling the snow, replacing a broken and leaky roof. Even if your dishwasher is broken, it’s not your responsibility! All you have to do is pick up the phone and call property maintenance if there’s an issue.    


No need to debate that living in a house gives you more room than if you lived in a dorm or apartment. If you’re a big family, living in a house may be for you.   And why is that? For big families, living in a house can grant each member some privacy. Many houses provide large kitchens and living rooms for family time. If you want a comfortable home for your family, consider living in a house. There is also another benefit by living in the House, that is you can have your personal Outdoor space.   It’s not just like tiny outdoor space, but a huge outdoor suitable for gardening.Living in the Apartment can be differed each and another. It depends of how expensive the Apartment cost, especially when you want a big space for your living. Living in an apartment surely grant you less space than in the House and making an extension may also unlikely. That’s why you need to consider how much space you need or want when you decide to move into an Apartment. Other Apartment elements such like the kitchen and bathroom, may also have smaller spaces. Plus living in Apartment may be less enjoyable for you if you have hobby such like Gardening… You don’t have your own Outdoor space… Meaning real outdoor space with soil ground. But you can still have alternative such hanging the plant on your balcony.   So what do you think? If living alone and limited space is not an issue for you, then choose apartment-living.


If you have limited budget and wanted to live nearby center of the city, or moving economic for example. It will be far difficult. Cheap House, which is not so expensive will surely available on the outskirts of the cities. So, if you worked in the center of the City, but living on the outskirts, then you need to prepare more time.You can generally find Apartments in the near center of even in the center of the City. Apartments in cities are often close to shopping centers and administrative offices. It will help you if you are working in the city and doesn’t need to through the crowded traffic.


The only restrictions that maybe occur by living in the house are the regulations from your partner or maybe the homeowner, that is when you are a renter.Living in the Apartment can have many restrictions, one of them is having a pet. Some apartment complexes prohibit pets of any or certain types. Of course, there are also some residential buildings that allow you to keep pets and provide a play area for your pets.


Amenities in the House are quite limited, except you have your own household assistants or better like maids.     If your house doesn’t have much ground space, you can’t have private swimming pool. But still you can have private garden. It’s your choice.It’s hard to compete with the kinds of amenities offered by apartment complexes today. They are really hard to beat, because they can include state-of-the-art gyms, saltwater swimming pools, tennis courts, dog parks, walking trails and many more.   If you are living in a Premium Apartments, you can have many exciting amenities. You can find on-property salons, pet spas, and movie theaters.


For us Indonesian, the neighbor houses are quite close to each other. Sometimes if they’re in a fight, you can hear they scream and insult each other. Of course, if you’re living in more modern and neat complexes housing, each house has its own space divider. Good things, you still have your own privacy. Depends of how your house was built (is it close to each other, or separated with some space i.e., fence or similar.)One of the disadvantages of living in an apartment is your close proximity to neighbors. It’s just like between doors, and top of that you must remember that not all apartment complexes home a friendly community. Almost every building comes with its fair share of problematic neighbors.   Some neighbors can disrupt your sleep at night. If you value your privacy, apartment-living may not be for you.

So, which side are you?

You can choose a House or Apartment. It’s all up to you. The pros and cons will be always differed from one to another. If you have a good Apartment then, which suitable for you and can make you comfy and homey, then choose it. On the other hand, if you want to living in the house, make sure all you need are fulfilled.

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