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Decorating Your Home In The Right Way

The decoration of your house play a major role in determining the mood of that certain place, it can be used to tell a story of something or someone. Many believe that the decor of the House can be affected to the mood of the people living inside it. So that is why to always play attention to the decoration.

You will see the difference when you’re living inside a neat house and messy house. A good-neat-looking House bring good effect to your soul and mind, which can getting rid anxiety and stress, plus! Adding a decorative touches helps in increasing the appeal of rooms.

Easy to be said than done, to find a perfect home decoration ideas isn’t not that simple and sometimes very confusing (well in a good way). If you went straight to the most favorite interior design ideas made by the pros, maybe there is so much budget you should invested it. But, that too is not so promising. The best way to channel your feel and what mood in the house you want to build, is just self-decorating your home. But also, with a little advice and inspiration.

So here we are, already collection some various information of how you should decorating your home in the right way. Of course out there are full of great houses and rooms decorating advice, but we’re believe that the best advice is from your heart content. So? Crack it on!

1. Determine Your Style

Your home is your heaven. All you need is to decide which style you wanted to build it your house. Which styling you wanted to impact to the house. Which mood you wanted to given to the every corner of your room. It’s all important!

Let’s take a look into your little closet. Do you prefered tailored pieces or do you prefer looser and more comfortable items? Do you gravitate toward certain colors or patterns? Another way to help you determine your style is to think of key words that define how you want a space to feel. Traditional, formal, elegant? Playful, humorous, inviting? Monochromatic, streamlined, modern?

As for your consideration there is various styling theme you can choose, such as:

  1. Vintage Accents
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Floral (adding with Wallpaper)
  4. High-Contrast Decoration

All important things that you should always take a note in every facet of your life, from there you can take a decisions for your design inspiration and take action of how you want to build it.

2. Determine your likeness

People will always have their own taste. So you too. You need to focus of how you wanted your home looks like, just like your own taste. Not others. Why? Of course the answer is simple! Because you’re the one who’s gonna spend your most of the time there.

Your home is a place when you get tired, you came back and replenish your spirit. Your home is a place where your trouble and pleasure take turns with each-other.

But I also got tips for you:

It is a lot easier for people to express what they do not like. By putting dislikes into the equation, you can eliminate somethings and narrow in on others. For example, a bold large-scale print might remind you of something in your childhood that you do not want to see in your own space. Or maybe a wingback chair might bring back memories of being sent to time-outs for pulling your sister’s hair. Likewise, a certain color also might evoke the feelings of a past design trend that you aren’t eager to repeat. These memories and reactions are very personal and individual, but also define your tastes.

So where do you want to start? Determine your dislikeness and you will get your likeness

Chop chop! Start now!

3. Start from the Bottom

You need to start it all systematically… well basically from ground up. Even if you hadn’t chance to designing your floor, but it also a good way. You can decide very quickly of how you wanted to designing your floor. Is it just hardwood floors, area rugs, tile, stone or wall-to-wall carpeting.

When you’re living in some space that was created by someone else (or simply that house/room is a rent) at least you can decide whether the floor covered with rugs or nothing on it.

The situation and your habit also played a role here. When you are leaving the floor as it be, sometimes you will feel empty and something missing. So you need to think about it too. Don’t forget about it.

4. Scent Matters

Remember the scent of your grandfather-mother house? Or maybe the scent of someplaces that will bring back memories. That’s it! Make your house have it too. Your own scent. Or at least make your house fragant.

You can use humidifier, or home diffuser. Which one you liked. The main thing is that you make your heaven, your own heaven.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors are like the best choice you can get if you are living in narrow-tight spaces. Mirrors will double the visual square footage of any room. Hang a series of three or four mirrors opposite a window to reflect the incoming light as well as the view.

It can increase your room brightness in a good way (I mean without using any lamp).

6. Less is More

Less is always more! But it can be determined of how you see things actually. Sometimes it can be so tricky. If you put less items on your space, maybe you will feel empty on the other hand if you put too much items on your space, you will feel messy.

It just a matter of persective. But we all can be agree that less is more. Just like Eisen said „“De-clutter and de-stress. Too many items on coffee tables, pillows on chairs and art pieces on walls make a space feel cramped. Stick to a few statement pieces and oversize art to give your room a clean, modern look.”.

All the tips that already written here is how you decorate your home correctly. This is just a piece of advice, you didn’t have to follow all the tips that mentioned above. But you can at least take something from it. Because what we already agree, that your home is your heaven. You alone need to take care of how you wanted your heaven looks like.