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10 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Figuring out how a dark and dull area may shine is always tricky when you move into a new room. This is particularly true if your new location is empty of expansive windows to allow natural lighting. Fortunately, you may decorate your home or office in various straightforward ways to make it a brighter dwelling.

It might be tough but fun to find the correct degree of lighting. It is also essential for practically any home design style. Here are some great solutions to shine a gray bedroom, kitchen, or living area.


1. Set mirrors close to light sources

The use of mirrors to increase visual space and shine a gloomy room is an excellent old suggestion. However, make sure you carefully arrange your mirrors near a light source to their best effectiveness. A vast wall or floor mirror close to a window, for example, may indeed magnify natural light. The lighting placed next to a mirror might have a similar effect as well. Make sure that it emits ambient light for the best result so that it is not too bright when the mirror is reflected.


2. Choose lighter color or straightforward furnishings

Furniture is usually chosen based on our taste and what we think works well together. That stated, always consider how your furniture choices affect your home’s lighting. A tiny, dim room? A big gray or navy sofa isn’t the finest! A trendy, compact sofa in light colors like white, beige, or ivory will make your area appear more prominent. Avoid walnut tables, bed frames, and TV stands. Consider a translucent acrylic coffee table.


3. Fairy lights, candles, and other sources of ambient light

If you want to add additional light without overdoing it, try decorating with long fairy light strings, giant candles, orb lights, or another ambient lighting. They will bring not only a touch of brightness but also a lot of charm and therapeutic value. They will be great for your home if they emit a warm yellow light. They provide a cozy, hygge-like environment that elevates even the most industrial decor.


4. Using white walls  

Every decor advice you read will undoubtedly state this, but white is the most acceptable way to shine a gloomy room. White sends a bounce of light around your environment, which mirrors other surfaces and makes the space much larger than it is. Does white feel too dull? Consider adding ornamental decorations to texture on the ceilings or painting one side with refreshing color for a specific variety.

5. Floors cover with large, brilliant rugged surface

Give your bare floors a boost of color with a light-colored rug. This will not only provide softness and texture to your flooring but will also make them gleam. This is especially true if your gloomy room has dark floorboards. Colors for rugs include white/ivory, yellow, and warmer hues. Make the carpet larger to assist an expand visual space.

6. Choose light beige/gray curtains

Light drapes on both sides of the windows simplify window treatments. Choose either blackout or light drapes, but make sure the color is beige or light gray. A light gray is ideal for blackout curtains (no natural blackout curtain will be truly ivory or beige).

7. Clean your windows deeply

This is a simple yet overlooked tip. A room with stained windows feels unclean and reduces visibility, just like smudges on glasses. Get a good glass cleaner and clean your windows both inside and out. You’ll notice the immediate sense of freshness and how much natural light your space managed to attract.
Beautiful rooms frequently have lots of natural light. This makes the area appear more significant and creates a sophisticated and dynamic mood as the day turns to night. So please make the most of your windows and deep clean them at least once a year.

8. Target your walls or ceiling lights

Try illuminating the walls or ceiling instead of merely aiming your lights. Unlike an intense light focused on a small region of the floor or a dim ambient light.
Use a wall sconce or a torchiere floor lamp. Light washes the walls/ceiling, filling it with warmth and making it feel cozy yet large. To beautifully reflect sunlight down the walls, always add a few pot lights to your ceiling design.

9. Pick simple furnishings, low-to-ground

Adding big furniture to a shaded area will add extra shadows and make it feel even darker. To avoid this, buy minimalist furniture with low legs. Set a maximum furniture height and make sure each piece is below it. That means ignoring that lovely bookcase. Allow plenty of space between furniture pieces for lighting opportunities. This is why mid-century modern design is so popular — it works so beautifully with light!

10. Don’t go overboard with the wall art

Trying to do too much is a rookie designer’s mistake. This is especially true when it comes to art. Even if you live in a mansion, a room’s walls should be as bare as possible to reflect as much light as feasible. Large dark wall art or a collection of photos can significantly detract from the overall effect. Choose three pieces from a light tapestry/wall hanging or a light-toned wall painting to set the ambiance in a dark environment.

As you can see, there are many ways to brighten a dark room besides adding mirrors and white paint on every surface! If you try any of them, please write your thoughts on the comment column below!

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