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10 Ideas for Designing a Comfortable Bedroom

More than ever, escaping to a cocoon-like bedroom for great hibernation is a must. Thomas Hamel, an interior designer based in Sydney, has created intimate rooms for clients worldwide, including ski homes in Innsbruck, Austria, and Niseko, Japan. Bedrooms are private, and the tiny public rooms in the house, explains Hamel. “We should help them feel that way.” Embrace the Danish concept of hygge, a word used to convey a feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort—something the Danes, with their long dark winters, value highly. Candlelight, calming textures, mellow earth tones, and rich wood accents are all hygge. 


So, whether you’re ready to remodel your bedroom or need some easy, high-impact ideas, these 10 ideas to make your bedroom more comfortable are sure to inspire.


1. Create an atmosphere of lighting

A comfortable bedroom needs light, but not light of any type. Nothing is worse than the hard ceiling downlight that shines on you in bed. Turn the overhead mount off after darkness and focus on dim light. The key to creating an intimate ambiance is to use several light sources, like gentle bedroom lamps and strategic deck lights, for a bit of drama. But of course, the best light source of all is natural light forever.


2. Add a touch of wood

Whether your bedroom is small or large, adding wood to the walls will provide warmth. A board cladding or limed oak paneling can be used. When natural wood isn’t available, dazzling wallpapers replicate wood cladding. When you can’t add paneling or wallpaper, wood furnishings and accents can assist create a cozy atmosphere.


3. Go to calming natural materials and colors

Think peaceful and tranquil rather than bright blasts of color. In bedrooms, Hamel advises against bold graphic motifs. He prefers smaller unique patterns with rich, sensual textures. To start, choose quilted cushions, faux-fur blankets, and soft knits in neutral colors. Fill the space with soft materials to make it feel cozy.


4. You should include area rugs

Warm Bedroom

If a person touches the floor after leaving the bed, it should be placed on a soft surface. That doesn’t mean that you have to set up a carpet to create a comfortable ambiance. A plaster area rug delivers convenient warmth while giving an extra tactile oomph. Put on the side of the bed or layer several floor coverings, small sheepskin, or shag rugs for additional comfort.


5. Choosing a dramatic bed is a must

A four-poster bed can provide the ultimate in coziness in a bedroom set. If you don’t like curtains or frills, a simplified design with plain poles and no crossbeams or fabric is an excellent choice. The four-poster bed encloses and emphasizes the bed in a more oversized bedroom while at the same time giving a smaller bedroom some scale and drama. Always choose a vast scale—it should take up the majority of the space in your room.


6. More pillows equal convenience

There is nothing more appealing in this world than a luxurious bed stuffed to the gills with pillows. A bed like this practically begs you to get in it right now. We recommend that you look for cozier pillows that are as adorable as they are comfortable. While you are under no obligation to justify the number of pillows on your bed, doing so will ensure that they serve a purpose other than being just aesthetic.


7. Florals can bring a splash of color to your bedroom

We don’t aim to overwhelm ourselves with patterns and harsh accents, remember. Flowers are the perfect way to bring alive in a neutral space and offer an overpowering touch of color.


8. Blankets Galore

While there is no such thing as too many blankets, layering throws on your bed will add an eye-catching dimension (and the perfect nap location). The bed itself should be a haven, so make it as comfortable as possible by dressing it in silky linens, plenty of cushions, and a luxurious duvet or scrumptious blanket.


9. Keep in mind that ‘Minimal’ doesn’t mean boring

Put some of your most prized possessions in the room so they can speak for themselves. By incorporating stand-alone elements into your homes, such as an unusual nightstand or an out-of-the-ordinary light fixture, you can inject personality and charm into your space without detracting from its modest aesthetic.


10. Covering your bedroom’s windows

One of the most significant factors in preventing a bedroom from feeling snug and comfy is the presence of bare, frigid windows. When it comes to creating a warm atmosphere, don’t scrimp on the window treatments. Another thing to keep in mind if you have a lot of windows is to keep them closed. If you have a busy pattern, avoid including curtains. When they are drawn, they should neither dominate nor detract from the overall balance of the room.”

We hope you could add these 10 ideas for decorating your cozy bedroom more coziness of your bedroom. What do you think? We would love to hear from you by leaving a comment below!

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